Issue #10 February 2022

There are LOTS of exciting things happening in the HVAC and IAQ industry. This month, we're taking a closer look at the seasonality of the HVAC industry, democratizing training, and maximizing your profitablity. And we'll be breaking them down into smooth and digestible bits. Let's get started!

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Good Morning and Hello February!

The chilling cold temperatures didn’t stop us from packing our bags and heading to Las Vegas for the AHR Expo. Hope we got to see some of you there.

It was nice to see old friends and make second-first impressions with our Zoom friends.

Our key takeaway from the expo: There are LOTS of exciting things happening in the HVAC and IAQ industry.

This month, we’re taking a closer look at these topics:

  • Seasonality of the HVAC industry
  • Democratizing training
  • Maximizing profitability 

… and breaking them down into smooth and digestible bits.

Let’s get started… 

1.) Clean Air isn’t Seasonal

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Clean air isn’t seasonal.

Give me a season, and I’ll tell you exactly what negatively affects our indoor air.  

But first: Not all HVAC businesses are created equal. There are those that are weather-dependent, and then the successful ones are weather-driven. What does that mean exactly?  I’ll let Ruth King tell you about that  🔽

Every season affects indoor air differently. Every home and the people that occupy the space have a different sensitivity to a variety of indoor air pollutants.  

So what’s an HVAC business supposed to do with these seasons? Well, we have some ideas… 

Let’s look at what parts of clean air people are concerned about RIGHT NOW. 

So these are some of our best-performing articles from just this past week on IAQ.Works, a site dedicated to educating homeowners about IAQ problems and solutions.

Thousands of people are heading to Google and searching why their skin is dry, getting sick, the spouse is snoring, ideal RH, the differences between steam and evaporative humidifiers, etc.

Also from January 2022, we have some very interesting data from our IAQ Leads program. In the last 30 days, there were over 130 leads generated for contractors in Florida. Considering everything going on in the world… and every reason someone might be concerned with air quality… it’s allergies, dust, and pet dander that are driving the most action right now.So, you have the data. Now here’s your list of action items:

  • Make sure on every job, your techs, the people answering the phones, are talking about these points when they talk to your customers.
  • Actively post about these topics on social media and your website.

Stop playing defense and go with a proactive marketing strategy!
Create IAQ packages around the main concerns in your city:

  • Allergy Fighter Package
  • Dust-B-Gone Special
  • Perfect Pet Package
  • Humidity Control Package

You get the drift… You know the concerns, you know what to do… Now it’s time to take action!

2.) Democratize HVAC & IAQ Training

Why is it that only HVAC techs and contractors get invited to in-person training sessions?

Well, it costs lots of money. Food, drinks, conference room, expenses for the trainer, taking techs and contractors out of the field for at least half of the day… the costs associated with training adds up for everyone.

The thing is: contractors and techs aren’t the only people talking to your customer. You should run every single person that ever talks to a customer through product or service training. Your customer service reps and dispatchers come to mind.

Free online training, available 24/7, is the solution. There are plenty of great options available, like these online courses right here ▶

2.) Get The Most Profit From Every Job

We’ll keep this short. Most HVAC businesses top three concerns are: 

  1. Their customers
  2. Their team
  3. Increasing sales 

Two specific products come to mind that meet all of these concerns. With these products, you can:

  • build trust with your customers and help them breathe cleaner air
  • support your team and help them make more money
  • increase your sales on every job

The products are:
Haven IAQ Monitors

There’s a reason why their in-duct IAQ monitor and controls was this year’s AHR Expo Innovative Awards Finalist for the IAQ category. This device helps customers see the invisible pollutants in their air. For the HVAC team, it helps them validate their IAQ opinions and recommendations, builds trust with the customer, and turns customers into clients. Become a Haven Pro here ▶   

MERV 13 Zephyr Air Filters 
Upgrading customers from a MERV 8 to a MERV 11+ filter is the easiest way to improve their IAQ. The best part is they take 90 seconds (on a bad day) to install, and need no tools or retrofits.  Learn more ▶

Keep Inventory on Your Truck
Keep as many of these IAQ products on your truck as you can. It makes a big difference to the customer when the upgrade that’s little-to-no extra time. Filters might take up too much space, but the Haven units and Dustfree actives are perfect for this.

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