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Why Whole Home IAQ Monitors Are Your New HVAC Business Strategy

Updated November 13, 2021

To stay competitive in the HVAC industry, you need to differentiate yourself from local competitors. Similarly, your business needs a unique value proposition. Offering services and products competitors don’t is one way to do it. With this in mind, that’s what we’re talking about today. Learn how whole home IAQ monitors can help you create even more IAQ awareness with your homeowner customers. 

Help Homeowners Monitor their Whole Home IAQ

It all starts with the installation of a whole-home IAQ monitor. After installing one into your customer’s home, you instantly open up so many opportunities to drive profitable equipment sales. By giving your homeowner the ability to track their home’s air quality, you help make the intangible, tangible. Then, they’ll be the ones monitoring their air from their smartphone. Once they determine the air quality is problematic, they’ll contact you for mechanical ventilation, humidity control, and filtration solutions.

Take Control of Home IAQ

Simply monitoring indoor air quality isn’t enough anymore. As the monitor tracks the air in the home, it will notify the homeowner with tips on how to improve their air. Sometimes, the problems are acute, and it’s as easy as turning on an exhaust fan or opening a window. Other times the problems can be chronic, lasting for 2 hours or longer. When this happens, equipment is usually the answer.

Homeowners that are concerned about their home’s IAQ are demanding automation to better control the air they breathe. This requires smart technology that works with IAQ equipment. Imagine a world where you install a whole-home IAQ monitor, and when: 

  • humidity levels rise or fall, the humidity control solution is activated
  • VOCs skyrocket, mechanical ventilation automatically starts diluting the indoor air with fresh air
  • particle count is too high, the HVAC system starts drawing indoor air towards the filtration

This is absolutely possible with an IAQ controller. Today, HVAC businesses can help homeowners monitor their air and send them air quality reports periodically. You now have the ability to use data to sell and install IAQ solutions to make your customers home a “healthy home.”  

In conclusion, if you want a deeper dive into whole home IAQ monitors and how they can grow your business, watch or listen to this podcast. Our training director, Rob Ambrosetti sits down with Haven IAQ‘s Ben Reed, VP of Product. Also, read our most recent blog on the business benefits of central IAQ monitors.

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