Issue #18 October 2022

In our final issue of 2022, we give you a high-level overview of Flow's superpower, the many people we have thank for making our newsletter possible, and the many people who have made this newsletter a great success!

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The newsletter from KGG designed specifically for your business. We’ll highlight industry news, market trends, and bring you every resource we have.

2022 has been one for the books. To sum it all up, so many positive and challenging events have happened to our industry.

Your ability to adapt to challenges, embrace change, find your opportunity, and lean into your competitive edge has gotten you this far. Hopefully, we’ve played a small role in that. 

By now, maybe you’ve realized what sets you apart… Your SUPERPOWER.

For us, Flow’s superpower is its uncanny ability to predict the future 🔮🪄

All kidding aside, we did spot a variety of hot-topic trends before they happened. Links for proof:

The best part was NOT predicting what would happen. That’s not enough… 

What was impressive??? Working with our knowledgeable internal team and industry partners to create thoughtful, actionable things you could do to stay ahead of each and every one.

Our ultimate goal with this newsletter and in everything we do is to bring you and your business a ridiculous amount of value. Providing you with a guide on what you should be doing for the next 30-60-90 days isn’t something we take lightly.      

This will be our final issue of 2022. We’re taking the rest of the year to:

  • focus on a few other priorities
  • prepare for 2023’s initiatives and GTM strategy
  • enjoy the holiday season with our friends and family

While we enter into HVAC’s slow season, take some time to think about how you want to grow your business in 2023. Here’s an article we wrote last year with all the things you could be doing right now ➜ 

We’ll still be active on social media (links below) and on our blog.

Thank you, happy holidays, and see you all in 2023!

To your success,

Ken Grubbs – LinkedIn
Rob Ambrosetti, CIE – LinkedIn
Chris Grubbs – LinkedIn
Joseph Gavica – LinkedIn

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