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This month we’re comparing No-Shave November to our IAQ leads program. It’s a stretch, but we made it work. We dive into how clean air isn’t seasonal and finish it up with how low relative humidity is a driver for higher infection rates.

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Welcome to November – a month full of turkey dinners, turkey trots, turkey bowls, and even a turkey pardon! November is also a time in the year when we start saying… “Woah, 2021 has flown right by!” You know… Classic water cooler banter.

But honestly, with so many changes in (HVAC) and around (IAQ) our industry, losing track of time was incredibly easy!

This month we’re comparing No-Shave November to our IAQ leads program. It’s a stretch, but we made it work. We dive into how clean air isn’t seasonal and finish it up with how low relative humidity is a driver for higher infection rates. 

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1.) If You Do No-Shave November, You Can Do IAQ Leads

When you take a giant step back and really stretch the imaginative thoughts on it – you’ll discover No-Shave November and IAQ leads have sooooo much in common. Stay with me here, I have reasonably valid points. 

Both have prereqs: 
Not just anyone qualifies to participate in No-Shave November. You have to qualify for it. What are these qualifications I speak of? I’ll tell ya:

  • Your secret superpower is kinda sad, kinda cool – grow an unruly, epic beard at lightning-speed 
  • At least 9.84 months out of the year, you are clean-shaven
  • You participate not because it’s fun, but because it’s bringing awareness to something meaningful to you (if you didn’t know, Movember is about bringing awareness to cancer – and the money you would have spent on shaving or grooming your hair instead goes to organizations like

Our IAQLeads programs have more or less the same qualifiers, in very different ways. For instance:

  • You must have a great, clean service record – we tell our leads only the most awesome IAQ experts will be contacting them – they and we expect nothing less
  • Your local distribution has got to be reliable
  • The IAQ products you install are on our approved list
  • It’s not enough to be an HVAC business that diddle-daddles in IAQ – you need to be properly trained in IAQ (we can actually help you fulfill this prereq here)
  • Our reputation is on the line here – you gotta stand behind your work
  • You enjoy the thrill of helping people breathe cleaner air

Once you qualify, you stop:
This is pretty self-explanatory. But for those that need more clarity – Both No-Shave November and IAQ Leads ask you to stop doing things you normally would (within reason).

For example, with IAQ leads, you can… ⬇

Stop chasing IAQ leads.

Once you qualify your business for our IAQ lead program, it’s absolutely free and you don’t have to do a thing. When we get a lead from your local community – we send them directly over to your email (this is when you jump back into action). Leads will come stacked with all the information you need to set up a service call:

  • Contact info
  • Home square footage
  • IAQ products they’re interested in  

All this to say:
Our IAQ Leads program has been wildly successful. Do you want completely free, totally awesome IAQ leads? – Learn more here

Do you 40-90% qualify for it, but need help navigating your way through the last 60-10%? Fill out this onboarding form HERE and we’ll contact you to bridge the gap.

2.) Clean Air Isn’t Seasonal, But Your Business Is

Fall and springtime are historically the “slow season” for the HVAC industry. IAQ doesn’t have that luxury. Why? Because every season brings its unique set of IAQ problems to the table. Let’s sum them up:

  • Fall – The colder it gets = the drier the air. Closed windows and door + lack of fresh airflow = poor IAQ. Autumn allergies, VOCs, and other pollutants start to build up inside the closed home. Cold and flu season starts due to low humidity.
  • Winter – Extremely cold air + using a heater = extremely dry air where germs thrive. Closed doors and windows + germs with no ventilation = poor IAQ.
  • Spring – Pollen = seasonal allergies. Spring cleaning = use of cleaning products with VOCs.
  • Summer – Pollutants from 4th of July fireworks and wildfires wreak havoc on IAQ. Dust mites, mold, and pollen intensify in hot and humid environments.
Through IAQ, you can have your Gandalf moment. Sure, it won’t be against a Balrog in the Mines of Moria moment, but seasonal pollutants in homes year-round.

How can we help you with IAQ?
Great question!  We can help you with all of it. Without going into too much detail, let’s count the ways we can help you get started in IAQ:

  1. IAQ training – our online IAQ training will help you understand what IAQ is, how it affects your customers and the solutions that exist to help them breathe cleaner. On top of that, we teach you how to comfortably start an IAQ conversation with customers.
  2. IAQ connections – we work with the top IAQ manufacturers and distributors in the industry. This means we can connect you with the best products and people. To make these connections, Start Here
  3. IAQ marketing – It’s not enough to offer IAQ services, you need marketing to help educate and inspire customers to contact you. There are several ways we can help with this:
    – HVACContent – social media posts, advertisements, infographics, articles, presentations – all for you to take and use – at zero cost
    – Get a Free SEO Audit – go here, enter your info, and we’ll email you an audit of your website
    – Let Us Do the Work for You – if you don’t have time to handle the marketing part of your business, we can take over. Let’s talk about your goals
  4. IAQ leads – sorry, not sorry, to bring this up again, but we discovered a low-cost way to generate quality IAQ leads, and we want to share them with you. Learn more about qualifying your business for free IAQ leads here

3.) Healthy Humidity Levels

As fellow HVAC professionals, we all love to talk with our customers about temperature and humidity. Traditionally, we led this part of the conversation with comfort and energy efficiency. Today, that narrative has changed. From this day forward, we lead with HEALTH.  

Who’s responsible for this push to change the narrative of humidity towards health? Naturally, a pediatric oncologist turned hospital architect and infectious disease expert is responsible. Her name is Dr. Stephanie Taylor. Learn a little more about her amazing story, and how she discovered the relationship between low humidity and infection rates in 5 minutes ⬇

So you might be wondering, “Cool story, now what?”
To which my response is, “Now that you know humidity is very important, you should start talking to your customers about the health benefits of whole-home humidity control solutions. Let them know you can assess their home’s humidity and determine what their home needs to provide them with clean air.”  

Humidity can be the difference between dealing with allergies, mold, asthma, respiratory illnesses, and infectious diseases at home — and not. Help customers breathe better. It starts with a conversation. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to make it a part of your HVAC marketing strategy. 🙂

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