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Combat Fake HVAC Reviews on Yelp and Google

Updated September 2, 2021

Report Fake HVAC Reviews Immediately

HVAC business owners need to know that Yelp and Google make it very easy for users to report fake reviews. Both platforms give the option for any user who views a review they consider unfair or has concerns about its authenticity to flag this review as “inappropriate”. HVAC business owners can also dispute their negative reviews by filing an official complaint with either company if they believe that the review violates one of these sites’ terms of service. Businesses can file complaints online through both companies’ websites; however, HVAC businesses must keep in mind that only professional HVAC reviewers will be able to refute such claims (i.e., you cannot argue against false positive reviews). In addition, most credible HVAC businesses and HVAC reviewers will be able to determine whether a review is fake or not.

Follow Guidelines & Best Practices

You should also know that Yelp and Google do more than just monitor their platforms for fake reviews; they actively penalize HVAC companies who attempt to buy positive online feedback on either site with poor ethics.  HVAC businesses should know that HVAC companies who attempt to buy positive reviews or manipulate their ratings by incentivizing HVAC reviewers with discounts, gift cards, etc. will face a penalty on both Yelp and Google of either having the review removed from public view or being demoted in the HVAC company’s search results page.

In addition to these two methods of fighting fake reviews on Yelp and Google, there are several other ways that HVACP business owners can protect their reputations online: one way is through proactive marketing management; another method is by providing exceptional customer service so you don’t have any negative experiences for your customers to report about anyway! In conclusion, if you want consumers to critique your HVAC services online, make sure you are providing the HVAC service they want!

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Online HVAC Business Reputation Management

Do you want to improve your online reputation?

Online HVAC Business Reputation Management is the best way to do it! We’ll help you monitor and manage your online presence so that you can focus on what matters most. Our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way, from creating a strategy for success all the way through implementation. It doesn’t matter if it’s negative reviews or positive ones – we have an expert team ready to handle any situation. You won’t find another company like us out there today!

If you don’t take control of your online reputation, someone else will – and they may not be doing it in a way that’s good for business. Don’t let them get ahead of you when our services are just one click away! We’ll make sure that people know about how great your business is by helping them find information about who you are and why they should choose you over others in their area. Let us show off everything that makes your company special while keeping track of what customers are saying about their experience with yours!

Learn more about how our digital team can help your HVAC business today!

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Christopher Grubbs

Christopher Grubbs

Chris is the driving force behind KGG's marketing initiatives. Boasting over a decade in digital marketing, Chris's expertise is deeply rooted in HVAC lines and IAQ products. In 2018, recognizing the pivotal role of online presence in today's market, he pioneered KGG's in-house digital and marketing services. For collaborations or to learn more, connect with Chris on LinkedIn.

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