How to Use Google Services to Leverage Your HVAC Local Business Marketing

As the number one search engine, Google offers plenty of tools you should be using when it comes to your local business marketing strategies.

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As an HVAC company, your customers are local, not halfway around the world. You need targeted HVAC local business marketing to attract homeowners and business owners in your community.

Before digital marketing, local newspaper ads, billboards, and local TV spots were just a few ways HVAC business could get in front of a local audience. Except, these methods weren’t exactly affordable, especially for new HVAC companies. In fact, getting into the phone book was one of the least expensive strategies at the time.

Everything changed when Google hit the scene. Instead of flipping through the phone book, customers could type in anything they wanted and find a service in a matter of seconds. Not only was this more convenient for customers, but a less expensive marketing solution for HVAC businesses.

Flash forward to 2020, and Google is now the go-to local marketing strategy for small businesses. No more pricey newspaper ads. Business owners can now use a variety of free marketing tools to dominate the first page of search results.

Are you ready to gain more customers without exhausting your marketing budget? Follow these HVAC local business marketing tips to leverage Google tools to their fullest.

Google Local Marketing Statistics

The ROI potential of Google marketing goes without saying. The numbers speak for themselves.

For starters, more than 72% of local online search converts into store visits. 70% of local Google users call businesses after searching. These statistics are game-changers for HVAC companies.

Statistics can teach you a lot about leveraging Google tools in the right way. For example, Google accounts for 95% of all mobile search traffic, and 65% of PPC clicks are mobile. These stats are telling you to leverage mobile SEO optimization and Google Adwords.

One recent stat showed that Google searches resulted in over 73 billion phone calls! That’s great news for your HVAC business. It also means you should leverage Google’s click-to-call feature.

Data-Driven Local Marketing

Looking at statistics is one way to create a data-driven local marketing campaign. Data is critical for crafting high-converting local campaigns at the lowest cost. It lets you target your marketing reach to customers with the most potential.

Access to valuable data is one of the biggest advantages of Google marketing tools. You don’t have to worry about spending your marketing budget on the wrong consumer demographic, time, location, or content delivery.

How to Leverage Google Ads

No where is this most beneficial than with Google Ads. Ads is Google’s own pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform. It gives you the option of using text ads in search engines, Google shopping ads, ads on partner sites, and even YouTube video ads.

The challenge is to target the right search phrases (or keywords) at the right times. Adwords, which is Google text ad program, has a built-in tool called keyword planner. It helps you find relevant primary keywords, and secondary keyword groups, for your Google ads.

Once you choose your keywords, you can see the approximate monthly search volume for each word and their average bid price. Keywords with a lot of competition will have a higher bid price. While, low competition keywords are the cheapest to buy.

You pay only when a user interacts with your ad. So, you pay only for clicks and conversions. You don’t have to pay for ads that just sit there, either. While you ideally want a click, that’s also free brand awareness for your HVAC company.

Ultimately, your goal is to have more conversions. In your case, bookings and phone calls.

Remember those phone call stats? Enable click-to-call or add a phone number to your Google text ad to generate more calls. Include a call to action like “call now” to encourage customers to act.

Google has another free tool called Analytics. This tool lets you see your website data in real time. You can learn which web pages get the most clicks and how quickly visitors leave your site.

By using Google Ads and Analytics together, you can craft a strong local HVAC strategy that converts for the lowest price.

Google My Business Tools

If you’re an HVAC business that’s just starting out, you can start marketing your business with little to no money at all. That’s one of the best advantages of Google tools. You can start building an online presence for free.

Start with Google My Business tools. You’ll need your business address, phone number, and email ready. This tool will generate a free listing and knowledge card for your business.

When a potential customer googles your business, a large and visible listing will appear with a your company name, description, website link, and reviews. Customers can also call your business directly from your listing.

Google My Business has a lot to work with. Once you generate your listing, your company will also appear in Google Maps. This will make it even easier for customers to find you.

If you don’t want to be found in Google Maps, no worries! You can always disable this option and keep your presence entirely search based.

Leveraging MY Business tools can help get your business into Google local 3-pack. The local 3-pack is the first thing you see in local search results. You’ll see a large map followed by three businesses underneath.

An HVAC business, you want to be seen in that local pack. Those three listings are supposed to be the most relevant results, according to Google. This is where a professional local marketing team can go a long way.

Through stellar SEO optimization, you can take a basic Google search presence and turn it into a high-converting local marketing strategy.

Start Leveraging Google For Local Business Marketing

Every minute your HVAC business isn’t on Google is a missed opportunity. Use this guide to grow your online presence and turn search results into phone calls. Check out the blog for more insider local marketing strategies.

KGG Consulting has been in the HVAC industry for 24 years and is one of those companies you can always count on when it comes to providing expert opinions. We offer excellent service, as well as competitive rates that won’t break your budget!

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