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Tips to Track and Improve Your Home Services Online Reputation

Updated July 21, 2021

Home service businesses should constantly look for new opportunities to improve. Successful companies understand that growth is a series of thoughtful and calculated steps that, when executed correctly, work to meet their goals. Oftentimes in the race for new opportunities, they forget to look back. In doing so, they fail to realize and address the one thing you have control over–your home services online reputation.  

Online Business Reputation

When there’s a water leak, IAQ issue or the air conditioning goes out, homeowners turn to their smartphones first to find the help they need. Customers type in their search and look for services that are local. Immediately following that, they read reviews. What happens next is completely up to you.

Below is one of the best platforms available to monitor your home services company’s online reputation. It’s important to know how to effectively use reviews and testimonials to differentiate your business’ customer experience. Lastly, we’ll cover quick tips and the best practices to manage your company’s online reviews–both good and bad.

PulseM’s Home Services Reputation Management Platform

This platform does three important things for your home services business. As soon as a customer schedules a service call, the platform gets to work. PulseM provides your business the opportunity to communicate with customers before the technician arrives, once a service call is completed and in between. What are the benefits?

1. It Provides Customers With Comfort and Security

When a customer schedules a service call, an automatic text with the profile, bio and image of the technician assigned to the job is automatically sent to the client. Once technicians are en route to the customer’s home, another text alert is sent. This provides your customers with increased security and comfort, while showing that you respect their time. It’s the kind of service that creates a memorable customer experience.  

2. Builds Online Reputation With Better Reviews

Once the technician has completed the service call, you can immediately send the customer an automated review request. This increases the chance of receiving a review! You can then post reviews on company social media channels to build trust and your company’s social reputation as the go-to home service business.

3. Create a Memorable Home Services Customer Experience

PulseM’s engagement tools give you the ability to keep the conversation going with current and future customers. Using the platform, you can chat with website visitors in real-time and send service reminders to current customers.

Best Practices for Managing Your Home Services Online Reputation

Whether you use pulseM, Google My Business or other local business directories, make sure to encourage customer reviews. Testimonials help address potential pain points in your business and showcase company strengths. But it shouldn’t stop at just encouraging reviews–you also need to monitor, and respond to each and every one. Taking the time to thank customers that left good reviews, and thoughtfully addressing the bad reviews, will lead to new business. Here are a couple best practices to manage online testimonials.

How To Handle Negative Online Reviews

The worst thing you can do is nothing. When a potential client sees a negative review with no reply, it shows you don’t care. Even if you reached out to the customer privately and took care of the complaint they had, the potential customer wouldn’t know. That’s why it’s important to also reply publicly to the customer’s complaint.    

If you notice a new negative review, it’s also important to not take it personally. As a business owner, or if the complaint mentions your name specifically, it can be hard to not take it personally. In these cases, it may be best to not respond immediately. Make sure you’re in the right mindset. Take a walk. Focus on another task and come back to it later. And always try to see things from their perspective. If you do, you’ll turn complaints into an opportunity to earn a life-long customer.     

Also, don’t view the negative review as a problem. This is your opportunity to blow them away with your unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. Address all of their complaints to ensure they feel heard, and explain the steps you’ll take to resolve the issue.

Acknowledge Great Reviews 

With the good reviews, reply with a thoughtful or personal comment to show your appreciation for their business. This is also an opportunity to showcase your business’ commitment to the community, as well as your gratitude, humility and personality. This alone can inspire a potential customer to choose you over your local competitor. 

Joseph Gavica

Joseph Gavica

Joseph is KGG’s Content Strategist and a part of our digital services team. Joseph joined KGG in 2020, which would prove to be a pivotal year for the HVAC and IAQ industry. His expertise and focus are in ensuring that the right information reaches the right people. Joseph graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Public Relations and Image Management. Learn more about how we approach HVAC Content Marketing and SEO for HVAC Businesses.

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