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How to Build a Successful Plumbing Business: 5 Great Tips

Updated September 23, 2022

 Are you thinking about starting a plumbing business? It’s a great time to get started! The plumbing industry is growing rapidly, and there’s a lot of demand for qualified plumbers.

Plus, being a plumber offers a lot of advantages. As an entrepreneur, you get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and build something from the ground up.

If you’re serious about starting a plumbing business, there are a few things you need to do to ensure that your business is successful. In this blog post, we’ll share 5 tips for building a successful plumbing business. 

With our in-depth guide on how to build a plumbing service, you’ll have all the tools you need to achieve your dream.

1. Get the proper training and credentials. 

The first step to starting a successful plumbing business is to get the proper training and credentials. There are many ways to get trained as a plumber. You can attend a trade school, complete an apprenticeship program, or even get certified online. 

Do some research and figure out what path makes the most sense for you. Once you have the proper training, make sure that you get licensed by your state or local government. This will help you build credibility with potential customers and show them that you’re serious about your business. 

2. Develop a strong marketing strategy. 

The next step is to develop a strong marketing strategy. This is important because it will help you attract new customers and grow your business. There are many ways to market your plumbing business. You can use traditional methods like print ads or word-of-mouth, or you can try more modern techniques like social media advertising or search engine optimization (SEO). 

Again, do some research and figure out what marketing strategies make the most sense for your business. Then create a budget and implement your plan. Be sure to track your results so that you can adjust your strategy as needed. 

Building Better Contractor-Customer Relationships: Creating solid HVAC customer relationships starts with social media. Learn best practices, what to do and not to do, when to spend money on ads and how to create the best content. Read more ➞

3. Create a comprehensive business plan 

One of the most important things you can do when starting any type of business is to create a comprehensive business plan. This document will serve as your roadmap for success and help you stay on track as you grow your business. 

Be sure to include information about your target market, pricing strategy, marketing plan, management structure, and financial projections. This may seem like a lot of work upfront, but it will save you time and money in the long run. 

4. Find the right plumbing suppliers and partners 

Another key ingredient for success is finding the right suppliers and partners. This is especially important in the plumbing industry because you need access to quality products at competitive prices. Building strong relationships with suppliers and partners can also help you save time and money down the road. 

If you’re not sure where to start, contact us. Plumbing manufacturers are one of the industries where we have very strong relationships.

5. Hire The Right Employees 

Last but not least, it’s important that you hire the right employees. The people who work for your company will play a big role in its success or failure. 

When hiring new employees, of course you’ll look for people who have experience in the plumbing industry, who are detail-oriented, and who have good customer service skills. 

But what will really set you apart from the competition is finding the right people that will put your customers first and fit your company culture. Look beyond the resumes to find top talent that will help you grow your business.

Try Adding a Unique Trade: Indoor Air Quality

One of the biggest struggles you might have in starting your plumbing business is finding a way to be different from your competitors. If you offer similar products and services, what’s going to entice your target market to use your business instead of the others?

Try adding a complimentary service or products to separate your business from the rest. Indoor air quality is a great addition to a plumbing company. This is because the skill set needed for both jobs often overlap. Plus, source control is a huge part of IAQ and something that plumbers can easily help solve. 

Help your customers breathe better in their homes by offering indoor air quality control options. You’re in their space already, so why not offer something extra? 

It’s the perfect leg up on your competition because you’re taking exceptional care and offering further recommendations and upgrades rather than simply solving the only at-hand problem. If you notice a funny smell, an air purifier in one of the rooms, pets, kids, or a dirty register, it’s a great opportunity to start a conversation about IAQ.  

While you might not know much about the indoor air quality trade yet, it can be learned and applied to your new plumbing business in no time. By undergoing an IAQ training course, you’ll find yourself ready to improve your client’s living situation. This will also give your new business higher profit margins because there’s a good chance your plumbing competitors are not offering this service.

Start a Successful Plumbing Business Today

By following these five tips, you can set yourself up for success as a plumbing contractor! Just remember to get licensed and insured before starting your business, invest in high-quality tools and materials, price your services competitively, hire experienced and reliable employees, and always provide excellent customer service. Do all of these things, and you’ll be well on your way toward building a successful plumbing business!

Joseph Gavica

Joseph Gavica

Joseph is KGG’s Content Strategist and a part of our digital services team. Joseph joined KGG in 2020, which would prove to be a pivotal year for the HVAC and IAQ industry. His expertise and focus are in ensuring that the right information reaches the right people. Joseph graduated from California State University Fullerton with a degree in Public Relations and Image Management. Learn more about how we approach HVAC Content Marketing and SEO for HVAC Businesses.

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