Issue #13 May 2022

It's time we talk about something that's been coming up fairly often in recent meetings... and that my friends, is new construction. And for good reason... spring season is the prime time to build. Here's the sad/frustrating part... Most of these new construction conversations are revolving around energy efficiency and green buildings, and not indoor air quality... leading us to believe we might be letting history repeat itself. We'll be covering where IAQ fits into the green building conversation, how service performance training can help you build better relationships, and what's good with IAQ.

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It’s time we talk about something that’s been coming up fairly often in recent meetings… and that my friends, is new construction. And for good reason… spring season is the prime time to build.

Here’s the sad/frustrating part… Most of these new construction conversations are revolving around energy efficiency and green buildings, and not indoor air quality… leading us to believe we might be letting history repeat itself.

So first and foremost, we’re going to burn a few calories:

  • unpacking all of it
  • explaining why IAQ should also be part of the green building conversation

We’ll also be covering: 

  • How system performance training can help contracting businesses build better relationships with their customers
  • What’s good with IAQ

Where Does IAQ Fit Into the Green Building Conversation?

The answer should be, perfectly. Mostly because IAQ and energy efficiency aren’t mutually exclusive. After the White House announced its Clean Air In Buildings Challenge, four products instantly came to mind:

  1. mechanical ventilation
  2. high-grade filtration (MERV 13)
  3. Haven’s central IAQ monitor and controller*
  4. Smart thermostats* 

*Products that intelligently control mechanical equipment

And then I stumble across recent articles such as:

The fact is that:

  • There are local, state, and federal grants available for energy-efficient, green buildings, AND IAQ
  • Mechanical ventilation, high-grade filtration, smart technology, and (depending on the area) humidity control might meet the qualifications for both IAQ and energy efficiency money 

BUT… it’s not what we’re hearing or seeing enough of. It almost feels like we’re revisiting some cautionary tale. 

Are green builders too focused on tight buildings?
Maybe. Think back to when green buildings and energy efficiency became all the rage… It’s how we ended up with:

  • the Department of Energy in 1977, which eventually led to…
  • these perfectly sealed indoor spaces that…
  • saved money on energy bills, but don’t let indoor air move, creating…
  • this huge IAQ problem we’re dealing with now 

Don’t get me wrong… Reducing energy consumption in buildings is 10000% a great goal. The environmental and social impact of energy efficiency is objectively important and awesome. 

But, also… while we’re at it… Shouldn’t we be looking at health as a success metric too? Specifically, shouldn’t the quality of the air inside of the building, and the health of the people who occupy the indoor space, be more important? Or at the very least, as important?

We think so!

So you’re probably wondering… “Cool.  What am I supposed to do with this information?”

Well, the best thing you can do is to talk to your local builders. Builders are interested in many things, but for argument’s sake, let’s focus on their burning desire to save and make money.

Knowing this, your talking points with builders should be the following:

  1. Money just became available via the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge
  2. There is money they can qualify for to create green buildings and also provide healthy indoor air 
  3. Real estate isn’t a race to the bottom. It just continues to go up… for no reason at all
  4. Imagine how much more they can charge for constructing a building that has both IAQ and energy-efficient products in it
  5. Partner with them

How System Performance Training Helps You Build Better Relationships

Imagine a world where you’re so knowledgeable about HVAC systems, building science, and mechanical principles, that you could:

  • easily communicate the value of HVAC systems and services
  • be the local expert that can solve issues your competitors can’t
  • simplify technical HVAC jargon so the customer completely understands the problem they have and your recommendations
  • be like Tyrion and say cool things like… ⬇

This is how you build a reputation as an HVAC craftsman… It’s also how you go from being the “filter guy” to the HVAC expert. More importantly, this is how you build better relationships with your customers.

This next level of expertise doesn’t happen overnight. It certainly doesn’t happen in trade schools. There’s really only one way to do it, and that’s through HVAC system performance training.

Wondering where you can get the kind of training that’ll help you sell more by:

  1. Differentiating your business?
  2. Looking at the whole system instead of parts of it?
  3. Actually measuring, and not just guessing, the performance of an HVAC system?

Well, the answer is the National Comfort Institute. Learn all about them here  ➡

What’s Good With IAQ?

The quick answer is… SO MUCH.  But let’s flesh it out a bit for you. A few details never hurt anyone.  

Most recently, we’ve generated roughly 300 leads for our IAQ Leads program. You know about this, right? If not… Check it out  ➡

Of those ~300 recent leads:
– 75% of these leads are most concerned with allergies, dust, and clean air
– 15% said pet dander was the primary motivation for seeking help
– 10% had mold and mildew challenges (classic humidity issues)

You might be thinking ⬇

Well, you’re looking at valuable data that will help you grow your business. This is what your customers are concerned about right now.

So how about you do the following:

  • Any general ads or social posts should focus on allergy and dust solutions
  • Address the goal of cleaner air with filtration, active air purification, and mechanical ventilation
  • Create a Pet Pals Package
    • that’s always available on your website
    • with the equipment and services to solve pet and dander related problems
  • Create a Humidity Control and Mold Fighter Package
    • also always available on your site
    • lists the equipment and services to help them

Quick Stats on Trending Content
As it stands right now, we noticed:

  • an uptick in purifier and purification content (up about 7%)
  • a decline in humidity-related content (down about 5%)

So what can you do with this data? Well, that depends on you. You could:

  • create a blog post if you have time (great idea)
  • post about purifiers on social media if you don’t have time (good idea)
  • partner up with a 3rd-party tested and validated whole-home purification distributor to start selling them (def do this)

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