Issue #1 May 2021

This month, Ken Grubbs is forecasting us through HVAC’s spring season: How equipment shortages could lead us to sell high-end products. Don’t worry, this will all make sense soon.

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Also, we’ve had a bunch of new questions from HVAC manufacturers, as well as contractors and IAQ businesses about how to create content that 1) doesn’t suck, and 2) will get maximum engagement. In lieu of saying something remarkably vague about what works, we decided to create the content for you to use.

So over the next year, we’ll be rolling out fresh, free content for your social media channels, advertisements, presentations, and we’ve even created printable content to leave with your customers. Don’t mention it – You’re welcome. 🙂 

Elsewhere this month:

  • Healthy habits
  • The power of customer conversations
  • Like it or not – your business’ online reputation matters
  • And more… 

Ken’s Forecast | May Insights | HVAC Industry

When we asked Ken what his thoughts on the industry were going into May, he offered up 3 valuable insights:

A. Equipment shortages are going to continue: “Spring is always an important and exciting time in HVAC. As the seasons move into summer, contractors are out there selling more complete change-out systems. That said… There are early indications that we may still be seeing some equipment shortages for this season. This is likely still the fallout from factory floors readjusting to post-Covid production realities.” 

The Institute for Supply Management is reporting supply chain challenges slightly higher than last year when the pandemic hit.

B. Shift in sales to mitigate losses: “We believe this is going to steer more contractors toward selling other high-end products, like comprehensive IAQ systems, to mitigate any potential losses. IAQ products are more profitable… easier to install… and easier to haul around in the back of a truck.” 

Fortunately, the timing of everything couldn’t be better.  That’s because homeowners are demanding IAQ in 2021. According to HVAC Insider:

  • 62% of homeowners believe that their home air quality needs improvement
  • 81% of homeowners cited improving indoor air quality as a primary focus in 2021

C. Who you partner with matters: “The successful contractors this year are going to be the ones that partner with the right distributors and manufacturers. Choose wisely.”

Choosing an HVAC distributor or manufacturer to work with is exactly like finding a business partner. They can make or break your business.

  • One bad vendor can cost you thousands of dollars
  • Lack of stock can have your techs traveling from supply house to supply house, costing both time and money

Questions you should know the answer to:

  • Are they willing to create a successful situation when everything goes wrong?
  • Do they have easy ordering, accounting, and access to support and training?

Ken is always looking for opportunities to bridge the gap between manufacturers, distributors, reps, and contractors to make KGG the #1 resource for HVAC businesses. You can connect with him here.

Healthy Habits

Your job is very demanding. Just think about what you did yesterday: 

  • Crawled
  • Climbed stairs
  • Climbed ladders
  • Lifted heavy things

Piggyback that with 50+ hour workweeks in peak season and 5-hour crawlspace days, and yeah… It takes a toll on your body. 

Sure, being bigger and sturdier is nice… But your fitness should be tailored toward keeping you safe from injury on the job, as well as general wear and tear that folks like us will run into later in life.

This doesn’t mean you need to be YOLKED… Instead, you should be doing workouts focused on flexibility and core strength at a minimum. Wanna know our favorites?




Memes and Content and Ads… Oh My

Who says HVAC and IAQ businesses can’t meme, be wicked funny, and educate their customers all at the same time?  Not us.

We believe you should be free to use creative content to differentiate your business. The right content in front of the right person at the right time, will educate and inspire people to do exactly what you want them to. 

The problem is you may not know what to post or where to get started. Cue in to save your day and democratize content for one and all.  Here’s but a couple of examples available right now:

Many more social media, advertisements, videos, printable infographics, and presentations available for you to use right now.  

Yup, Your Online Reputation Matters

That’s because your online reputation is easily accessible.  Did you know:

  • 56% of potential customers read at least 4 of your online reviews
  • 93% say your online reviews influence their decision to use your service
  • 91% of reviewers say they expect a response within a week of leaving a negative review 

Here’s an example of a bad review gone worse. Mostly because 6 months went by with no acknowledgment of the negative review. The response was okay, with multiple contact methods… but sooooooo late to the game. This review alone probably had hundreds of views and thousands of dollars in missed opportunities in that 6 month period. 

Fortunately, there are tools you can use to improve your customer experience, and best practices to respond to any review you receive online, good or bad.  For more tips, there’s a whole article dedicated to it here.

The Power of Customer Conversations

It’s Wednesday and you’re out in the field. You go into a service call and as you’re walking around your customer’s home, you notice a few things:

  • Pets
  • Two kids
  • A dirty vent
  • Portable air purifier in the corner
  • A funny smell throughout the home

You have 2 options here.

Option #1 – Simply repair or replace the thing you were called to do, and leave.

Option #2 – Ask, Show, Install, Help, and Upsell.

Are you comfortable and confident in talking about what you saw in their home?  Can you have these conversations with your customers?  If the answer is no, we can help via our always free, always awesome online courses. Our latest course covers how to have a meaningful conversation about DustFree’s Whole-Home Active Air Purifier ⇢

Fun Fact Before You Go

OK, I lied. It’s not fun… BUT it’s gotta be said. 

Here it is:
If you’ve started or are starting a business in HVAC… You must know it’s the 2nd most failed business venture next to restaurants.  

  • 47% of new contractors will fail by year 4
  • 90% of new contractors will fail by year 10

In our 4+ decades of experience, what we’ve noticed is this: The most successful HVAC companies have their business piece locked in.

Sure, we all know you can do the trade piece. But you need the business piece as the complementary piece.

So you’re probably wondering… “So Chris, what exactly is the business piece???” 

To which I say: “Well, it’s everything we covered (or will cover) in the Flow newsletter:  Marketing, financing, taxes, customer service, employee retention, employee health, educational training, trends, and more… All of it.” 

We also cover a lot of this information in-depth at and our podcast, REPTalk. Here are a few tasty morsels:

Thanks for reading and see ya in June!

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